Black Women’s Natural Hairstyles

Black women often embrace their natural textured curls, and they proudly rock a variety of hairstyles. But many also face a challenge in the workplace.

Recent research reveals that Black women with natural hair styles are less likely to get job interviews than their straight-haired counterparts. It’s a problem that’s long existed, but new 2020 research confirms it’s one that needs to be addressed.

Coils with Blonde Tips

If you have long locks and want to give them an extra boost of volume, a natural hairstyle with coils is the perfect way to go. Coils have a lot of body and can create a stunning look for any occasion.

There are many different ways to style coils, and you can even add a touch of color to your look. A blonde ombre with highlights can make your curls pop! If you don’t have much time to spend styling your tresses, you can use a curl enhancing product like Dove Amplified Textures Twist in Moisture Shaping Butter Cream for added definition.

Another popular natural hairstyle for black women is a short bob. This is a versatile and universally flattering style that looks great on most complexions. It’s also easy to maintain and protects your strands from breakage.

The key to a successful bob is finding one that is shaped to your face shape and curly hair pattern. Consult with a stylist who specializes in natural hair to help you find the right style for your type of hair.

When choosing a style, you’ll also want to consider how it will frame your face. For example, a short bob with wide layers will look more flattering on women who have a narrow face shape, while a short cut with thin layers will be more flattering for those with a rounder face shape.

Adding color to your bob is a simple and inexpensive way to update your look. If you’re not sure what color would work best, talk to your stylist about a natural color combination. You can choose from various hues, including copper and burgundy.

This asymmetrical natural hairstyle with lots of volume has coils that fall across the forehead. It’s also got a little bit of a side part.

It’s a very glamorous look that will make you stand out from the crowd! You can wear it to any formal event, and you’ll love how it looks.

If you’re looking for a new look that will get the attention of everyone, a coil hairstyle with a little bit of color is a fantastic option. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find the one that works for you.

Thick Bronze Curls

Thick bronze curls can look effortlessly beautiful on dark-skinned women of varying hair lengths. They can help frame the face shape nicely and can be a nice alternative to a traditional afro hairstyle.

This natural hairstyle will flatter any facial shape, but it’s especially great for a woman with round features. Try a style with flat twists that run toward the crown of your head, or if you have longer hair, pull it back into an elegant updo.

To achieve a thicker and more defined look, your stylist may suggest using an oil-based curl enhancer to add texture. A leave-in conditioner can also help your hair feel soft and smooth.

Keep in mind that a bronze hue can fade if not maintained properly. To ensure a fresh look between salon visits, switch your shampoo and conditioner to a system specially designed for color-treated hair like Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. This system revitalizes and softens dry, color-treated strands while the brand’s exclusive AntiFade Complex protects your color vibrancy.

Another way to maintain your bronze hair color is to visit the salon every eight to 12 weeks for a touch-up. Your colorist can apply bleach to lighten your base hair color a little, and can also give your strands a touch-up with highlights or lowlights that are in the same bronze shade as your root color.

If you’re going for a “lion’s mane” look, your stylist may recommend adding multiple bronze lowlights and highlights throughout your strands. This technique will result in a very cohesive look, and your colorist will use a combination of techniques to deposit color throughout your hair to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

This is a very popular choice for black women, and it’s perfect for those who want to showcase their natural curls. It’s a simple, easy style that is perfect for a night out or an event.

For this look, a protective updo is the ideal option to maintain healthy hair. Protective styles are a perfect complement to black women’s naturally curly hair, and they also help keep your curls soft, healthy, and shiny.

Natural Curls with a Side Part

Natural curls are a gorgeous and versatile hairstyle option that can suit any occasion. From playful short bobs to teeny pixie cuts, a black woman with natural curls can wear a wide range of hairstyles that will make her feel confident and gorgeous.

A side part can transform your look and bring new life to your style. It is a great way to show off your curls and give you some extra shape while also creating a sleek silhouette.

The key to a beautiful side part is ensuring that your hair is well moisturized and has plenty of body. To achieve this, use a leave-in conditioner or a hydrating hair gel after washing your hair.

To keep your curls looking voluminous, opt for a mid-length cut with subtle layers. This length will prevent your curls from looking bottom-heavy and will help them to bounce around.

You can create a gorgeous look by dying your coils a bright red color. This will give them a dramatic effect, and you can even add highlights to the tips for more shine.

Moreover, this color will perfectly match your skin tone and make your hair look stunning. The best thing about it is that you can easily maintain this look by keeping your hair healthy and trimming the ends.

A wavy bob with short bangs is one of the most popular black women’s haircuts for curly hair. This style is perfect for formal events and is sure to turn heads.

Another option for a long hairstyle with bangs is a high bun with asymmetrical side sections. This will be a great look for a wedding or a black tie event.

This type of side part can be a bit tricky, but it can help you get a unique and stylish look. Try out a deep side part on the left or right side of your head to give this hairstyle more depth and dimension.

If you have medium-length curls, you can create a wavy lob with a deep side part to give your tresses a voluminous appearance. To get this look, brush your curls out starting at the mid-shaft and working your way down to the ends.

Silk Press

A silk press is a modern take on the classic press and curl (a ’90s way to straighten natural hair using lots of heat and oil). Unlike the classic, it gives natural hair a sleek, smooth, and shiny finish. It’s perfect for those who want to switch up their style without permanently altering their natural texture or using harsh chemicals, and it’s safe for most types of natural hair.

Before a professional silk press, your stylist will shampoo to eliminate any scalp buildup and deep condition with a hydrating conditioner to keep your locks healthy. Then your stylist will blow-dry your hair straight and smooth, using a round or paddle brush.

Once your hair is dry, your stylist will apply a spritz of heat protectant to prevent your hair from being damaged during the service. Depending on the type of silk press you’re getting, your stylist may use a variety of products to create the smoothest and most long-lasting results possible, according to Lee.

You’ll then be seated in the chair and your stylist will take super small sections of your hair, using a tail comb to ‘chase’ them with the styler, before straightening with it at around 200 degrees celsius, which is the safest temperature for natural hair.

This process takes about two to three hours, and your stylist will also be applying a primering heat protection serum before the session, which will help prevent your hair from being damaged from heat. Next, the stylist will use a thermal or glossing product to straighten your hair and give it a glossy finish.

Lastly, she will add a little bit of hairspray to secure your hair in place and lock it all in. It is important to maintain the silk press as best you can, so be sure to wrap your hair in a protective hairstyle before going to bed and avoid water, steam, and humidity.

A silk press can last up to two weeks, but it depends on how you care for your hair and what the weather is like where you live. It’s also best to maintain the style when you’re sleeping so that it doesn’t revert back to its natural texture.