90s Hairstyles For Women – Top 90s Hairstyles

The ’90s was the decade when fashion and hairstyles crossed all boundaries, so it comes as no surprise that many women in the era were famous for their edgy styles.

Fortunately, some classic ’90s hairstyles are making a comeback. If you’re feeling nostalgic, try any of these hairstyles for a look that’s a total blast from the past!

Pixie Crop

A pixie cut is a versatile hairstyle that can be paired with any hair texture. It is also easy to maintain and can be styled in different ways, including a fringe or a fade.

A short pixie hairstyle is perfect for women who want a casual, carefree look. It also looks great on ladies with natural grey hair as it helps keep their locks in good condition.

It is also an edgy choice for women who want to show their personality through their hairstyle. A pixie cut with bright colors can make you stand out from the crowd.

Another edgy option is a shaved pixie cut, which can be worn with textured or straight hair. Shaved sides create contrast and enhance the pixie haircut, making it a great option for a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with a square face shape, as it can balance out the strong jawline and add the needed face-flattering definition. This style also works well for ladies who have thicker hair, as it can be brushed out to create the soft, romantic effect that a pixie is known for.

Crimped Updo

Crimped updos are a great way to make your hair stand out. They also add a touch of class and style to any look.

You can wear a crimped updo with long locks or short ones, but this is a particularly sexy option for those who have a lot of volume at the roots and crown. The style can be worn with a head scarf or a headband to give it a jazzy and fun feel.

It’s also a good idea to try brushing your crimped updo for added texture and interest. This will make the look seem more natural and less like you had to create it yourself.

In addition, crimping can be done without heat, which means it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to use an iron on their hair. This cute hairstyle can be a fun look for any day, but you may need to use plenty of hairspray to get it looking perfect.

Crimps are one of the hottest trends right now, and it’s easy to see why. They look great with just about any hair color and are a unique way to highlight your personality.

Daisy Hairpiece

If you’re looking to spruce up your look, you might want to try one of these classic ’90s hairstyles for women. There are a lot of options to choose from, from the classic bob to the crimped updo, but if you’re on a budget, a faux fringe wig is a great choice.

A snazzy scrunchy, a daisy clip and the butterfly hair clip are a few of our favorite ’90s hair accessories that are still in style. The snazzy one is definitely the ’90s hair accessory that catches the eye, but for your everyday routine, you might prefer the butterfly clip – it’s more practical and will save you some time in the morning.

The Daisy Hairpiece is a modern take on the classic shag wig, featuring straight layers and bangs that can be worn smooth, flipped or full. Crafted out of Kanekalon Whisperlite fibre, it is featherlight and half the thickness of traditional synthetic fibers. It also has a heat friendly fibre that allows you to style it with heated tools like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. It is a great style to have in your arsenal, especially if you’re looking for a ’90s inspired wig that will last you the test of time.

Double Pigtails

The pigtails hairstyle is one of the hottest 90s hairstyles and has recently come back in style. They are also easy to do and look pretty when tied with cute ribbons or bows.

For a simple yet classic 90s look, try braiding your hair into two different pigtails. If you want to add a bit more personality to your pigtails, try weaving in a contrasting ribbon through each braid.

You can even go the extra mile and crimp the ends of your pigtails, or try working in larger crimps. Either way, if you have long hair, you can easily create this look with a curler or a flat iron.

This style can be a great look for women with medium to long hair lengths who are looking for a simple yet classic 90s look. It will make any girl look cute and stylish, and it can be worn for any occasion or celebration.

Another popular 90s hairstyle was the tendril look, which is a low-maintenance look that still looks good on women with a variety of facial structures. It was a great option for women who wanted to frame their faces and keep their hair out of their face.

Bob with Flipped Out Ends

One of the most classic bob hairstyles that we’re loving right now is the flip. A bob with flipped out ends is super edgy and spikey, but also very elegant and chic.

In the ’90s, this was a very popular trend. Especially when celebrities like Jane Fonda and Dido adapted it with layers, giving the style a little more flair than a typical lob cut.

Now that it’s back, this bob with flipped out ends is just what you need to achieve that ’90s vibe. It’s a simple style that’s all about texture and volume, and it looks incredible with any color.

If you want to try this style, start by washing your hair with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Follow it up with a moisturizing treatment to make the curls more defined and help your strands stay shiny and healthy.

Next, pull your tresses up into a high ponytail and use a large hair clip to tie it up. Line the clip with bobby pins in your favorite color for an ’90s hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

Middle Part

A classic middle part hairstyle can accentuate your facial features and bring out your eyes, making it an attractive choice for most face shapes. This look is especially flattering on women with round faces.

It is also a great style to try if you want to elongate your face and make it appear longer. You can easily achieve this effect with a few simple steps.

Another way to get the middle part effect is by sweeping your hair back and securing it with a comb. This will help keep the hair from slipping out of place and can be done in a variety of ways, including with a ponytail.

You can also try braids in your middle-parted hair for a unique look. These can be worn for special occasions, like a wedding, or just to spice up your everyday look.

One of the most versatile styles that works with both straight and curly hair is a contemporary bob with a middle part. This style will make you look extra sleek because it creates the appearance of a chiseled face and jawline.

Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail is a simple, yet elegant hairstyle that can be recreated with very little effort. It is ideal for those who don’t have the time to style their hair but still want a stunning look.

The hairstyle can be brushed out easily and looks great on relaxed or un-styled hair. It is also very easy to create and takes less than five minutes.

You can even wear it with a fancy accessory, like a butterfly clip! It is one of the most stylish hairstyles from the ’90s.

Celebrities like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell made a big deal of their voluminous locks during the ’90s. To achieve this look, apply styling and root-boosting mousse into your damp hair, and then let it dry. Then, twist it and curl it with a curling iron for perfect, sexy waves!

A sleek half-up, half-down high ponytail is a classic ’90s updo that works with any face shape. Prep your hair with Bed Head Headrush Superfine Shine Spray ($20) to create a shiny and glossy finish, says bridal hairstylist Alexis Downing.

For a more sophisticated version of this hairstyle, try tucking the ends of your hair into a side ponytail. This will add extra volume without making your hair clump together or look messy. This look is perfect for a night out on the town!