80s Hairstyles For Women

If you’re looking for a look that is as classic and chic as the 80s, you should try one of these retro hairstyles.

You can get these classic styles in just a few minutes and it’s easy to keep them looking fresh. These retro hairstyles are timeless and can be worn on any occasion!

Side Parted Messy Locks

If youre a fan of all things 80s and you’re on the hunt for the best hairdo to sport at the office or on the town, you’ve come to the right place. This list of top notch looks and styles will have you looking your best in no time. A little prep time and the right tools will leave you with the sexiest locks you’ve ever seen. To get your hair looking its best, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and a high quality blow dryer. Then, you can slap on a tizzy tastic mask and be the envy of all your colleagues.

Blown Away Curls

The blown away curls were one of the most iconic styles that people wore during the 80s. This style was not only worn by the common people, but also by the celebrities on the screen.

This hairstyle is perfect for a night out or an event where you want to look classy. It’s also an easy and quick way to achieve a stylish hairdo.

There are many different ways you can wear this style, but the main thing to remember is that your tresses should be in good condition and not damaged. This can be accomplished by not washing your hair too often, using a t-shirt to dry it, and using only mild shampoos and conditioners.

It’s also important to comb your hair back once it is dried, so that you get the best results from this style. Besides, the style will look even better on curly tresses!

Whether you have curly or straight hair, this hairstyle is a great way to show off your personality and bright side. It’s also perfect for a summer night out, so it’s something you should definitely try out!

This 80s haircut is a bit of a hybrid between a shag and a bob. It is a flattering style for most face shapes and can be upgraded with chunky highlights and layers.

If you like floral accessories, you will love this hairstyle. It will make you look feminine and romantic. You can even use flowers of various sizes to enhance the look.

This hairstyle was a major trend in the ’80s and continues to be a popular choice among women today. It’s simple to create and requires less maintenance than other 80s hairstyles. It also works well on all hair types and is easy to style.

Mullet Updo

The mullet updo is the perfect way to express your style, and it’s a hairdo that works on a variety of different hair lengths and textures. The key is to choose a style that complements your face shape and looks great on you.

If you have short to medium-length hair and want to make a big statement, consider a pixie mullet. It’s a versatile cut that suits round, oval and heart-shaped faces as it helps to add dimension to your face.

Another popular mullet is the long and straight version, which is a flattering look for fine or thick hair types. It can be easily achieved by cutting the front section of your hair short while leaving the back section long and straight.

It’s a great way to recreate Australia’s favorite ’80s hairstyle and it works on any type of hair. You can use styling products to add volume and texture or simply let your hair air-dry for a more natural finish.

If you’re not sure how to get the best look from your mullet, consult with your hairstylist for tips. Then, try using a texture spray throughout your locks to give them a lived-in texture and define your shape.

You can also ask your stylist for a piece of art that you can place on your mullet, which is a fun and unique way to personalize your look. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add a little creativity to your look, so it’s worth the investment.

The mullet isn’t going away anytime soon, so it’s time to embrace it. It’s a cut that is bold, radical and genderless – and it’s a look that has been beautifully modeled on Miley Cyrus and Barbie Ferrerira – so you better be ready to rock this 80s hairstyle!

Sweeping Hair Toward One Side

Sweeping your hair towards one side is a classic ’80s style that is making a comeback. This voluminous look has an air of sexiness to it, and it works on fine or coarse hair, depending on how you style it.

This style is a great choice for women who want to try a sexy and sophisticated look. It requires a little more effort than the other 80s styles on this list, but it can be worth the investment in time and money.

For long layered hair, crimp small sections to create a swooped up style and pin them back with a bun or ponytail on top. You can also add some bold eye makeup in bright colors for a more glamorous look.

Short-haired girls can get this voluminous look as well by using the same techniques. If you have a pixie cut, leave the bottom half of your hair straight and add some curls to the top part. Seal the look with a little hairspray and you’re good to go!

This style can also be a good option for fine or thinning hair. It can make your hair appear thick and healthy, and it can help to soften your features and frame your face.

Another ’80s hairstyle that is resurfacing is the asymmetrical style. This look is often seen in fashion editorials and on the runways of prestigious brands, and it can be a great way to balance your face shape and make yourself look more interesting.

This asymmetrical style can be achieved with any length and hair texture, so it’s a great option for those looking to take their tresses to the next level. It can be a fun way to update your look without spending tons of money on a new haircut, and it can help you stand out at the office or at your next party.

Side Ponytail

The side ponytail is a classic and can be worn in so many ways. From elegant to flirty, it’s a look that will suit you perfectly.

For a more casual, laid-back ‘do, opt for a slightly messy version of the side ponytail. This style evokes the ’80s era, and gives you a great nod to your childhood roots without feeling too formal or overly clunky.

This simple hairstyle is an easy way to keep your hair up and out of your face when you’re on a busy schedule. It also looks amazing when paired with a contrasting fashion choice, so it’s perfect for a day at work or a date night out.

It’s also a versatile hairstyle that works well on different lengths of hair. To get this look, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band.

You can even add some braids to your ponytail for a more stylish twist on the style. The side braid updo will be sure to please your friends and family, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

If you’re a fan of the side ponytail but want to make it more edgy, opt for a fishtail braid. This style is super easy to do and will give your hair the oh-so-cool hard rock vibe that will turn heads at every opportunity.

This edgy side ponytail is a perfect choice for a party or wedding, and it doesn’t require any extra styling time. You can even tie a bow around the elastic to create a pretty, romantic ‘do for your special event.